If you’re having one of those moments where you’re wondering if evil really exists, the answer is yes, it does. And if you need proof, you’ll find it in Missouri, where 25-year-old Jessica Lynn Howell invited her boyfriend, whom she knew to be a pedophile, to have sex with her four-month-old daughter. Baby Ashlynn died after Jordan Lafayette Prince sexually tortured and then strangled her to death.

Jessica Lynn Howard

Jessica Lynn Howard


Jordan Lafayette Prince

Jordan Prince, age 25 at the time, was already a registered sex offender, but was dating Jessica Lynn Howard–the mother of 4-month-old Ashlynn.  Knowing full well exactly what he was, she still invited him, not only over to her house, but to sexually molest, rape, and, in the end, kill her own daughter.


According to St. Charles County Prosecutor, Tim Lohmar, parents are supposed to be the first line of defense when when it comes to protecting their children from vile offenders–sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case here.  In fact, it was actually Howard that invited Prince over via text message.

Lohmar conveys that unfortunately for him, having to see the things necessary to prosecute someone like Prince, there’s just no way to ever forget something so infuriatingly graphic.  Add to this the text messages that Howard sent personally inviting Prince over to specifically commit the heinous crimes, its enough to make your stomach churn.

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According to the Probable Cause Statement obtained by Mr. Conservative, it inaccurately outlined the events of that night as described by Mr. Prince. The report describes that Prince was there “watching the infant at 1130 hrs,” and he increasingly “became frustrated when the infant wouldn’t stop crying.”  Admitting that he, “handled the infant in a cruel manner and rougher than he should have,” he explains that he, “choked the infant with his hand then left the child on its side on a loveseat.”  An hour later, he came back to find the baby unresponsive.

According to the statement, he then called the authorities who arrived and flew the infant to Cardinal Glennon Hospital where she was pronounced dead on the scene.  Discovered to have passed at around 1200 hrs, her death was ruled a homicide.

As with all murder victims, the infant’s corpse was subject to an autopsy exam that determined the exact cause of Ashlynn’s death.  The autopsy report painted a different picture than the account given by Prince saying Ashlynn spent her last few minutes on this earth in excruciating pain at the hands of Prince.  The report outlined (CAUTION: GRAPHIC):

“Ashlynn was sexually assaulted causing multiple tears to her anus, a massive laceration to her rectum with massive hematoma in the area of the pelvis. The injuries to her anus and rectum of Ashlynn were sufficient to eventually cause her death even without the strangulation.”


Since that time, both Prince and Howard have been arrested and charged with multiple crimes each.  Julie Vomund, media spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office, spoke exclusively with Mr. Conservative.  During that time she informed us that Prince was facing 3 charges consisting of, “murder in the 1st degree, abuse of a child resulting in death, and forcible sodomy.”

He is currently being represented by a public defender by the name of Heather Donovan.  We also reached out to Ms. Donovan several times but failed to get a response.

Ms. Vomund also informed us that, “his case has a jury trial set for May 6 with a pretrial hearing set for April 24. The April 24 court date should help us determine if the case will go on the May date.”  If it does proceed to the May date, the courtroom has been reserved for the next three days in anticipation of the in-depth trial that will unfold.

There is no word yet on what the maximum sentence that Prince would get for such an atrocity, but similar cases have resulted in the death penalty.  If you were unaware, Missouri is a state that seeks and carries out the death penalty.  Similar cases involving the rape and murder of a younger girl have resulted in such an outcome.

You can read about that here.

Seeing how Ashlynn’s case seems to pale the previous one in comparison, the death penalty seems to be a likely option that prosecutors may seek to pursue.  The only shame would be Mr. Prince being allowed to slowly drift into an unconscious state before peacefully passing away.