Joe Exotic – Do You Ever Wonder What Love Could Do? | RedCowHills

  • Kimberly

    I Love the Music, and this song sends a powerful message. Once again, Joe, Way To Go!!!

  • caroledwards1

    This is a fantastsic video, Joe, very pewerful!!

  • TigerChampion1

    I hope people take heed to the message here. It’s only a matter of time until they are coming for everyone’s animals. We must all stand together and fight this injustice now! Thank you Joe for this awesome, powerful video!

  • Jessie Klein

    As always, great video Joe.

  • Howard Baskin

    Pretty funny that a guy who pays someone to sing, then lip syncs in front of a mic and claims he is a singer, can get offered here. Doesn’t it make a mockery of your real singers? Why not invite him to perform live and see what that nasal voice really sounds like?

  • caroledwards1

    Howard Baskin, why must you always make a fool out of yourself? Hope you eat crow in the near future!

  • Joe Schreibvogel

    Joe will be performing live as soon as his publicist says too. Going to shock you. lol