911 Call: Father “[my ex-wife said] she was going to kill the kids and herself” | RedCowHills

Jacqueline Berman, 15, her older brother Alexander Berman, 16, were killed by thier mother Jennifer Berman at their Florida home on Monday before the woman turned the gun on herself. The father, Richard Berman, told 911 dispatcher he was rushing to the home of his ex-wife after “she sent me an email that she did the best thing for our family and then she sent her cousin a text that she was going to kill the kids and herself,” according to 911 tapes released Tuesday afternoon.
The Bermans married in 1992 in Miami. Mr Berman first filed for divorce in 2008 but the couple reconciled. Mrs Berman filed for divorced in August 2012 but the couple remained living under the same roof for a while. Last year, Mrs Berman allegedly asked a judge to remove her husband from the home because of ‘extreme emotional abuse and (verbal) fighting in home’.
The couple shared equal custody of their two teenage children

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