Assistant football coach fired for song he wrote and played about Obama | RedCowHills

The principal of a middle school near Nashville instructed his head coach to fire an assistant coach because parents complained about a political song that he co-wrote.  This according to an  August 23, 2010 article by Fox Nation that said, “a Tennessee middle school football coach said he got fired after he wrote a song that criticized President Obama.”

The article said that “Bryan Glover, an assistant coach at Grassland Middle School near Nashville, co-wrote the country music song, ‘When You’re Holding a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail.’”

The song was emailed by Glover to friends, family and parents of the football team. The other co-writer of the song was a parent of a child on the football team and Glover’s troubles began to develop after “some parents called the school to complain about the ‘politically charged lyrics.’”