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Bacon Smell Shuts Down Restaurant

Posted on 12. Jul, 2013 by

You love bacon, we love bacon, hell we once did a whole show about bacon! (It was called the Bacon Show with Top Chef Kevin Gillespie, watch it here: We even love waking up on a weekend morning to the smell of mom, dad, wife, husband, or best roommate ever cooking up breakfast with some crispy bacon. BUT, if that smell were to linger around all day long and infuse our clothes, our sheets, and even our bathrooms… we might not be happy bacon campers. Apparently, this is what the people of the San Francisco neighborhood around the storefront for famous food truck Bacon Bacon felt like. They complained numerous times asking them to fix the issue. The owner was offered a free air filter installation with which he could’ve minimized the impact on the neighborhood and kept the storefront going. He refused to do anything, and the people found a way. They discovered that this behavior was a violation of his license and now the place is gone. While we’re sure Bacon Bacon will be missed, the food truck still exists, and really it just seems like the owner’s fault for not just putting up the air filter.

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