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Beer Flavored Ice Cream?

Posted on 03. May, 2013 by

Alcohol-flavored ice cream isn’t actually a new thing, not here OR in Latin America. The most popular of the bunch being Rum Raisin Ice Cream (aka Helado de Ron con Pasas for most of South America aka Gelado de Passas ao Rum for Brazil). Children and adults have enjoyed this cocktail for years without complaint. Now Skol has released a limited edition ice cream flavor in gimmicky cans that tastes and looks like beer, but some parents aren’t having it. Citing that it encourages binge drinking, alcoholism, and overall deviant behavior in children, the parental units are up in arms with their kids in hand. We do wonder if they have a point. But we also wonder if they and their children are eating Rum Raisin Ice Cream as they storm the beer castle. What do you think?