Bill O’Reilly Hits Obama For Trying To ‘Put A Happy Face’ On Scandals | RedCowHills
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Bill O’Reilly continued going after President Obama tonight for not providing the public with sufficient answers for any of the three scandals damaging his administration this week, and instead attempting to “put a happy face” on his administration’s efforts to get to the bottom of things. O’Reilly said that Obama needs to start providing actual details about Benghazi, political targeting by the IRS, and the Department of Justice seizing the phone records of AP reporters, because things can only get worse from here.

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O’Reilly claimed there is currently a “deep suspicion” that the Obama administration “created an atmosphere where far-left zealots in the IRS were basically unsupervised.” He also said that on Benghazi, Obama “fell back on an old canard” of blaming the attack in part on a lack of security spending, which O’Reilly said was already disproved, and not “bad management.”

With this and the potential abuse of power by the Justice Department to deal with, O’Reilly said Obama needs to get out in front on these scandals and be a “problem solver.” O’Reilly said Obama needs to stop stonewalling and “put[ting] a happy face” on these big issues, and provide the public with “legitimate reasons” for the government’s actions in all three cases.

He also noticed how from Obama’s call to increase security funding to pushing for federal shield laws that the president is doing too little, too late. And O’Reilly predicted that “things will get even tougher if more whistleblowers emerge.”