Bizarre News – Man Shot In Butt Had No Idea He Was Injured | RedCowHills

A man shot at a festival initially didn’t realize what happened.

A festivalgoer was recently shot under the most bizarre circumstances.

The man was part of a big Miami crowd for the Calle Ocho festival.

He was shot in the buttocks by an unknown gunman. At first the victim had no idea that he had been shot and was bleeding, so he kept strolling along with the fellow attendees. The man later noticed the blood and passed out.

He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was said to be in stable condition. None of the other festival goers were injured during the incident. It was unknown if the shooting was provoked or if it was just a random act, but thus far no arrests have been made.

Recently another man was shot in the rear, this time in San Diego. The shooting occurred in the early morning hours at a bar following an altercation between two men.

The 30-year-old victim got into an argument with the unidentified suspect, who brandished a weapon and shot the other man in the buttocks. The victim was taken to the hospital but his condition was not released.