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BOB MUNDEN – Worlds Best Gun Slinger

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NEWLY Released DVD available at:

Running time: 122 min

Setting, breaking and defending world records that have stood the test of time, legendary Fast Draw Champion Bob Munden dominated the sport using real guns and holsters in competitions with blanks, wax bullets and live ammunition.

The Fastest Man With a Gun Who Ever Lived and his wife Becky, a champion shooter in her own right, moved on to become entertainers with their Six-Guns the world over.

In person and on TV shows like American Shooter, Ripley’s, Superhumans & Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots, with his captivating and witty style of entertainment Munden has thrilled fans with Outrageous, History- Making exhibition shots with all types of firearms. Bob Munden has been
called America’s Shooter.

Now, including footage Never Seen Before, here are decades of Fast Draw and Incredible Exhibition Shooting with Outstanding Instructional Demonstrations, Vintage Fast Draw footage – plus a segment captured on 8mm film showing Bob Munden setting one of his many
world Fast Draw records.

Bob in his shop doing his unmatched, Option #1 Six-Gun Magic custom gun work on a single-action revolver from start to finish.

English Subtitles for the Hearing Impaired.

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