“Four and a half years after my betrayal, I still battle with depression and trust issues. I survived my heartbreak, but I will be dealing with the damage it caused me for the rest of my life. I have good months and bad months. If I didn’t have my children, I might be one of the many who never came out of the darkness. These two little men, Mason and Jake, keep me grounded and in check. … But I have never claimed to be perfect … Don’t be so hard on yourself when you mess up because we all make mistakes. Learn to ask for help when you need it, and know that the people that sit back and judge us, pretending to be perfect, are usually the most messed up of all.” 

Brandi Glanville in the latest online issue of Sober Book, and guys, there are so, so many feelings to be had about this.

For instance, if you should just casually skim through Brandi’s words, you come away with a heartwarming feeling that Brandi’s a real and genuine person who’s endured some awful stuff and is brave and confident enough to admit — publicly — that she’s still allowing life to teach her daily lessons. Good stuff. Moving on.

If you go back and read it a second time, then you might see a woman — “four and a half years later” — who’s refusing to stop perpetuating her own heartbreak. And that’s sad.

Last, if you read through a third time, then you’ll see that Brandi threw in that little barb at the end likely just for LeAnn Rimes, and how fair is that? How is it OK to spout this righteous advice when you’re talking out of the side of your mouth about the woman who allowed you to become even more famous than you were to begin with? Because let’s be honest — no one’s choosing sides, here, but not a whole lot of people heard much about Brandi Glanville or Eddie Cibrian before LeAnn Rimes came to town.

We get what you’re saying, Brandi, and we totally empathize with you — but maybe you should start the process of saying other things, too.

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