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Mom Throws Her Kids Out Window No Way Of Escape Teen Heros Catch Kids As Mom Jumps.Fire trucks surrounded a north Phoenix apartment complex after a fire spread through several units near 7th Street and Bell Road Thursday morning. The flames trapped one family inside their home, forcing a mother to throw her two children out of a second story window and into the arms of two waiting teenagers.
She had no choice — throw the kids down or let them burn in the fire. She had to trust complete strangers to catch her children and save them. Bianca Milton can’t help but break down when she thinks about her apartment going up in flames. “The apartment’s on fire.. wake up wake up the apartment’s on fire,” she said.
Bianca woke her two children up — trapped on the second story of their apartment, she punched open a window and screamed for help. “A whole bunch of people came up and we’re below the window and said is there anybody in there and I said yes, I have two kids.. I have babies.” “What do we do? We’re like lady, put your kids out the window, we will catch them,” said Justin Rose. “I felt trapped. I trusted people to catch my babies. I’m trusting people to catch them from a second story,” said Bianca.
She threw 6-year-old Chloe out first, then 3-year-old Max. “Please catch my babies. They’re everything I have.” What was Chloe thinking when her mother threw her out the window? “I was really, really scared. The window is really high,” she replied. Chloe thanked the teens who caught her.
The kids are safe and sound. Bianca then jumped out too. There’s nothing left of their apartment. They have no clothes, no toys — nothing. “I was just glad to get out of there. I couldn’t believe it — it was the most horrific…it’s horrible,” said Bianca. The Red Cross will help the family — giving them money for clothes and a hotel room to stay in for a week. Eight apartments were damaged by the fire. The cause of the blaze is under investigation.

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