BREAKING: Train Derails, Explodes in Baltimore, Maryland | RedCowHills
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ROSEDALE, Md. (WJZ)–A tractor trailer and a CSX cargo train collided Tuesday afternoon, derailing the train and rocking the Baltimore region with a huge explosion.
It happened just after 2 p.m. in the 7500-block of Lake Drive in Rosedale. The huge explosion could be heard and felt throughout Baltimore County and even in the city.
Adam May spoke to someone who was inside a print shop when the train derailed.
Customers initially thought a bomb went off. The ceiling tiles and the light fixtures inside the shop fell and the windows blew out.
At least 100 people in that nearby print shop felt the blast and were evacuated.
The shop is just one of many businesses in the industrial area that runs right along the train tracks where the accident happened.
A WJZ viewer says he was about a quarter of a mile away at his friend’s house when the explosion happened.
“We went outside of his house, which is right on the top of Route 40 at Philadelphia Road. We were watching the fire, and then all of a sudden the explosion happened and actually knocked me off my feet. The window broke out in his house. You could feel the heat on our faces. I never seen anything like it,” he said.
He says he smells gas but doesn’t smell any chemicals in the air.
A large tower of smoke can be seen from miles away.
Police and fire crews responded to the scene after receiving numerous calls to 911.
From SkyEyeChopper13, at least six rail cars could be seen off the tracks.
Route 40 in the area is closed in the area in both directions.
There are a number of warehouse businesses near the derailment.