Breaking – WIll the US be headed to war once more? | RedCowHills

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel begrudgingly acknowledged Thursday that the Assad regime did use sarin gas in the civil war gripping Syria. Hagel made his declaration after Britain, France and Israel had already concluded that a chemical weapon had been unleashed.
The U.S. has long tiptoed around the Syria conflict. President Obama declared back in August 2011 that President Assad must go, but, with Iranian and Russian backing, he is still in power.
Obama has also declared that any use of chemical weapons would be “a game-changer,” but Assad has now deployed them seemingly without consequence. When will the U.S. assert leadership and take action?
Even humanitarian aid has been slow in coming. Though Secretary of State Kerry announced that the U.S. will soon deliver additional “non-lethal” assistance, food and medical supplies pledged in February have yet to arrive. And importantly, the U.S. still refuses to forcibly ground Assad’s air force by imposing a no-fly zone, a move that would greatly assist Syrian civilians who are daily targeted by the regime as well as help those rebel groups that are aligned with U.S. interests.