Cookie Monster ARRESTED ! Holds Child Hostage for $$ | RedCowHills

Cookie Monster ARRESTED ! Holds Child Hostage for $$ / Tips Over Carriage w / Toddler – NYC A man dressed as Cookie Monster was arrested in Times Square on Sunday for allegedly pushing a two-year-old to the ground. The New York Post reports Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez posed for a picture with the boy. Then, when the boy’s mother refused to tip Quiroz-Lopez, he decided it was reasonable to knock the young boy over. Police arrested the 33-year-old Cookie Monster and charged him with assault and endangering the welfare of a child. The incident recalls the “emotionally disturbed” Elmo impostor known to harass New Yorkers, demanding they pose for pictures with him.
This evil Elmo, who goes by the name Adam Sandler when he’s out of costume, was also found to have managed an illegal porn site in Cambodia with the disturbing name, “Welcome to the Rape Camp.”