Cowboy Jack Clement Dead at 82 #NashvilleLegend | RedCowHills

Cowboy Jack Clement was true Nashville Legend and his passing will be mourned by many. He helped to shape the career of many icons, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lewis, U2 and more and worked with or recorded music with dozens of other including Elvis Presley Garth Brooks and more.

Thursday, August 8th, after a long battle with cancer, Cowboy Jack Clement passed away. He is survived by a daughter, Allison, and a son, Niles. This past April he was announced as an inductee for the 2013 class of the Country Music Hall of Fame, the ceremony for which is set for October. As of yet, funeral service details have not yet been announced.

“I’ve been a music bum all of my adult life,” Clement told American Songwriter. “Making music has always been my hobby and it still is. I’ve always said that we’re all in the fun business, and if we’re not having fun then we’re not doing our job.”

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