Danica Patrick explains outburst at Gilliland, who says they’ve spoken | RedCowHills
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Patrick explained why she was mad Friday prior to Sprint Cup practice at Richmond International Raceway.

“I was mad,” she said. “I’ve felt like he drives very aggressively against me from Darlington last year on. There was just a lot more of it last weekend, and I was frustrated.

“But, I think in general it was a frustrating race, and that was just one of the elements.”

Patrick said her frustration with Gilliland is legitimate because he races other drivers differently.

“I don’t think he races me like everyone else—I watched him move over, and let someone by,” Patrick said. “That is what makes me mad. He is just getting more attention for this than he deserves.

“I think he was just driving in a way that I didn’t think was appropriate, and I haven’t thought was appropriate for a long time, but it was just too much that time.”

Gilliland said Friday they had talked in the morning about their issues.

“We’re on track where we need to be,” he said. “That 20th-to-28th place, people are racing the hardest on the racetrack.

“A guy doesn’t mind in the top-10 moving over and settling back from eighth to ninth in the middle of the run. They’re not at risk of getting lapped.”

Because their cars never came in contact with each other during the Kansas race, Gilliland said he didn’t even know Patrick was mad at him until after he heard her in-car audio.

“I always feel like you kind of race everybody the way they race you and kind of a mutual respect thing,” Gilliland said. “Hopefully we’ve got that figured out today and we can go on.”

Gilliland, a former Yates Racing driver, has 230 career Cup starts and is 33rd in the Cup standings this year driving for Front Row Motorsports.

Patrick, 25th in the standings, has 18 career starts with Stewart-Haas Racing.