Disgusting Girl Pulls Tampon Out of Crotch and Sucks The Blood!! | RedCowHills

someone get this girl some help!!! Giovanna Plowman Pulls Tampon Out of her Crotch and Sucks The Blood!!

  • Aerial

    That was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen…

  • Desiree<3

    this is sooo fake! there is dye on the counter… she says its a parody video and then when she. “Luke’s” the looks up smiling and if it was real the first time she put it in her Smith she would have stopped…. this is fake and idk y she did it but it was dumb of her but everyone needs to chill out like its really not that big of a deal… it fake!

    • Desiree Skye

      i think she said period. not parody.


    Reduce , Reuse RECYCLE! America is getting it now! :’D

  • Desiree Skye

    shits nasty. she even sucks those blood clots off

  • Ethang

    That is so unsanitary