eBay Pulls Auction For Spot In Heaven After Bids Reach Nearly $100,000 | RedCowHills
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Who ever said salvation was non-transferrable? eBay, that’s who.

Ari Mandel, a 31-year-old who describes himself as theologically atheist (although he was born Orthodox Jewish), has been told by eBay that he is not allowed to sell his spot in heaven on the online auction site, The Jewish Daily Forward reports.

The ad, which has been taken down but is pictured below, offered his “portion in olam habaah [i.e. heaven],” and assured buyers of his worthiness (he’s a vegan and frequent performer of good deeds, if you’re wondering). Some had questions about such practical matters as “amenities” provided on his lot in paradise, and if said lot was “prime real estate,” according to NBC News. But the answers proved good enough for some, and bidding eventually reached almost $100,000, before eBay pulled the plug.

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