Ex-President George Bush Shaved His Head For A Little Boy With Leukemia | RedCowHills

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Former President George H.W. Bush has done it all — bailing out of a fiery plane in World War II, serving as president and, more recently, sky diving and developing a reputation as a fashion trend-setter with his brightly colored socks that don’t always match.

Now he has shaved his head.

But not for just any reason.

The 89-year-old this week decided to lose his hair this week to show support for a two-year-old boy fighting leukemia.

Bush, 89, noticed that many members of his Secret Service detail had shaved their heads to show their support for the little boy — Patrick, the son of a member of Bush’s security team — who is undergoing cancer treatment and had started losing his hair.

Members of the Bush Protective Division also set up a website to help with the boy’s medical bills and organized a motorcycle benefit next month in Kennebunkport to help raise money for his medical treatment.

“Once President and Mrs. Bush learned of this ‘Patrick’s Pals’ effort, they made a donation and President Bush volunteered to shave his head as well,” according to a statement sent out by Bush’s office. “The Bushes lost their second child, Robin, to leukemia 60 years ago this October at the age of four.”

Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/2013/07/24/5026228/george-hw-bush-shaves-his-head.html#storylink=cpy