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Homeless woman, 38, sleeping in dumpster gets thrown into garbage truck and is rescued after 10 more loads of trash were thrown onto her and crushed

A homeless woman found in a garbage truck which collected and crushed up to 10 loads of trash after she was dumped into it on Wednesday is lucky to be alive.
Jessica Bunyar, 38, was asleep in a dumpster when it was picked up by a Copper State Sanitation vehicle in Globe, Arizona.
Bunyar was trapped inside the truck’s compactor as it traveled for about one mile collecting rubbish bins.
Globe Fire Department Chief Al Gamero.said the driver only realized he had more than just rubbish on board after making 10 stops and compacting the load up to 10 times.

As the vehicle pulled into the parking lot of a DES office on Monroe Street, a bystander heard a voice and saw a head pop out of the truck.
The driver immediately shut down the truck and called 911.

‘She climbed in the bin to go to sleep for the night and just got caught in the pickup of the route,’ Gamero told CBS5.
‘It’s not 100 per cent compact. It’s a 50 per cent compacter.’

Fire medics treated Bunyar’s back injuries on top of the truck, and used a rope system with a stokes basket to get her down using the ladder truck.
Gamero said Bunyar was flown to Scottsdale Healthcare-Osborn Medical Center in a stable condition.
‘She’s very lucky. She was talking to us,’ Gamero told CBS5.
‘We were able to get her on top of the truck, stabilize her.’

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