Funeral held for Logan Stevenson boy who was father’s best man | RedCowHills
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  • jelisaveta64

    We cry because it’s gone,
    or we can smile because he lived.
    We can close your eyes and pray that he comes back,
    or we can open our eyes and see all that is left behind.
    Our heart can be empty because we can not see it,
    or it can be full of the love that we shared.
    Can we turn back the future and live in the past
    or we can look forward to the future because of the past.
    We can remember him only that he is gone,
    or we can keep the memory of him and look forward to continue to live in the hearts of us all.
    We can cry and close up,
    be empty and turn back the world.
    Or we could do what he wanted to do: do not teach to the last breath
    even as he taught
    smiled the pretty boy and take care of my angel as big, bold, fearless boy ..