Girl with No Legs & Only One Arm Overcomes Obstacles – Dreams of Being in Paralympics | RedCowHills

Breanna Sprenger has one arm and no legs, but she is determined to make her Olympic dreams — as a swimmer.

Breanna, 11, first started swimming for physical therapy when she was three years old. She now swims up to four times a week.

“I love it,” Breanna said. “I like to swim because it makes me feel free in the water.”

This summer, Breanna is heading to a disability swim meet, but her father, John said they are few and far between.

The family is partnering with the 3E Company, selling “Team Breanna” t-shirts to help send Breanna and her family to the contest halfway across the country. They hope by selling the t-shirts, they’ll also raise awareness and acceptance of people with disabilities.

“We’re always amazed to see her in the water,” John said. “From day one, when she started learning, swimming independently and when she competes in a swim meet, the fact that she can compete with other kids and do just like any other typical child, it’s an inspiration to us and an inspiration to other children on her swim team.”

Breanna wants to make the Paralympics in 2016, but her first step is this summer’s swim meet.