Good Samaritan Hospitalized After Saving Woman From Stabbing!! | RedCowHills
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Addison police are looking for a man who stabbed his wife and the Good Samaritan who saved her.

The family of the Good Samaritan contacted FOX4 News with details on how the man may have prevented the murder of the mother.

On Wednesday, May 8th, Martin Robison, 34, was in the process of taking his 7-year-old daughter to school when he saw his neighbor being attacked at his apartment complex. Addison police said Robert Pineda, 27, was caught stabbing his wife, 21-year-old Leticia Velasquez 17 times.

When Robison intervened, Velasquez ran to safety. Robison’s wife Nattnoi answered her door to find her own daughter screaming and Velasquez bleeding profusely. She looked across the parking lot to see her husband lying in the parking lot.

“I just tell my husband please baby don’t move everything will be fine,” said Nattnoi Robison.

Police say the stabbing suspect Robert Pineda is still on the run and could be in the Houston area.

“We need justice. This is just not fair. I love him and the worst thing is my daughter saw everything about her daddy,” said Nattnoi Robison.

Not fair in part because these families were friends. Nattnoi would baby sit for Velasquez who’d just dropped off her 4-year-old daughter with Nattnoi moments before the attack. Nattnoi believes Pineda knew that and was waiting for her, not expecting Robison to be close behind.