Good Samaritan’s Daring Rescue in Burning Car, Texas | RedCowHills

LA PORTE, Texas — The heroics of a Good Samaritan who pulled a man out a burning car were caught on camera. 

Around 6 a.m. Thursday, an SUV lost control on in the 9500 block of Spencer Highway. It went off road and careened off signs, poles and two curbs before it stopped. 

The driver, for some reason, kept his foot on the accelerator. His spinning tires filled the parking lot with white smoke.

It was a daring rescue. Chris Murdock, a reserve Brazoria County Sheriff deputy, was there but to believe what he saw, he wanted to see video recorded by a camera hanging above Dr. Lisa Frazier’s eye clinic where the fire started.

“We were very blessed the curb stopped him,” Dr. Frazier said. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have an office today.”

“At that point, he was down to rims and that’s where the sparks start,” Murdock said.

That’s when the Good Samaritan stepped in.

“He’s the hero,” Murdock said. “That guy saved [the driver].”

Murdock pulled up as the hero was dragging the driver away. Concerned about a potential gas tank explosion, Murdock helped pull the driver to a safe distance. Then, flames erupted.

“I [had] no idea if there’s anybody else in [the SUV] or not,” Murdock said. “I [was] hoping somebody shows up with a fire extinguisher or a hose. I’d have been happy with a garden hose, anything at that point.”

He said the driver was mumbling and making no sense. As it turns out, witnesses said the driver’s only companions were bottles of beer. 

Those involved are just thankful no one died.

  • RednecksRPeople2

    Bless the savior, smack the man who decided drinking and driving were a good idea. Waiting till after he recovers is totally optional.