Grandfather recounts how his 3yr old grandson shot his 6yr old sister | RedCowHills
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A Hopkinsville, KY girl is reportedly shot in the face by her brother this morning as her grandfather began cleaning his gun.
Tonight, we’re told she remains at Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital in stable condition and her grandfather tells Fox 17 how the accident happened.
William Wyatt sits in the chair in his Linda Drive home where just hours ago, tragedy struck.
Wyatt says, I’ve got my pistol here, I was going to clean it and I put it there and the little boy– he was standing here and I turned.. and all of a sudden, he picks the gun up and *fires*.
Wyatt says his four year old grandson shot his 6-year old sister in the mouth.
He says the bullet is lodged close to her spinal cord.
The young girl was taken to Jennie Stuart Medical Center then flown to Vanderbilt as police continue to investigate.
Wyatt says he thought the gun was empty.
The shooting has left this quiet Hopkinsville neighborhood shaken, as well as the little boy who reportedly pulled the trigger.
Wyatt says, He’s tore up a little bit. He doesn’t know really what’s going on.
The girl’s mother, Amy Winkleman and grandmother Nancy Wyatt went with her to the hospital.
So far, no charges have been filed.