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Richard DeCoatsworth A former Philadelphia police officer, who once sat with Michelle Obama during a presidential address after being hailed as a hero cop, has been ARRESTED Hero Police Officer Charged With Holding 2 Women Captive

A former Philadelphia Police Officer with a checkered past is in trouble with the law again.

Law enforcement sources say Richard DeCoatsworth was arrested on Saturday after he allegedly held two women captive inside his home.

Police raided DeCoatsworth’s house on Almond Street and Somerset around 6:30 a.m., according to sources. DeCoatsworth was allegedly holding two women against their will. According to sources, DeCoatsworth held both women captive for several days at gunpoint.

He was arrested Saturday morning following the raid and is currently in custody. Police have not yet revealed the specific charges against him or the conditions of the two women.
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DeCoatsworth is best known for an incident in 2007 when he was a rookie officer in which he was shot in the face. DeCoatsworth managed to chase down the suspect for several blocks before collapsing. He called in enough information by radio that police were able to track down and arrest the suspect later the same day.

His heroism earned him an invitation from Vice President Joe Biden to attend President Obama’s first congressional address at the U.S. capital in February of 2009. The officer sat with First Lady Michelle Obama during the address. He was also honored by his peers as a 2008 Top Cop.
He was involved in two more dramatic incidents soon after.

In April of 2009, police say DeCoatsworth was jumped and attacked by a man when he tried to disperse a crowd at the Logan section of the city. During the struggle, sources say DeCoatsworth’s gun went off and hit the suspect who took off running. Another officer responding to the scene shot the suspect dead, according to sources.

In September of 2009, police say DeCoatsworth and another officer stopped a man on a motorcycle in the Kensington section of the city. While they were questioning him, a second man allegedly jumped on the motorcycle and drove at the officers. Police say DeCoatsworth shot at the suspect, who sped off. The suspect was found later at the hospital where his mother had taken him to be treated for a shotgun wound.

During the incident, local witnesses claimed the two suspects did nothing wrong and that DeCoatsworth and the other officer acted recklessly, shooting while children were nearby.

In November of 2011, Internal Affairs investigated an alleged scuffle between DeCoastworth and another officer, according to Philly.com. The Daily News also reports he amassed nine citizen complaints, accusing him of assault, abuse and misconduct.

DeCoatsworth retired from the police force on disability back in December, 2011.