Insane – Man Commits Suicide By Blowing Himself Up | RedCowHills

Fox. Costa Mesa, CA – Police won’t say if the man who blew himself up with a homemade pipe bomb intended to kill himself, or lost his life in an accident, what they WILL say is he had multiple explosive devices on himself and in his home.

Neighbors say the 52yr old was lying outside his home around 5:45pm Sunday night and wouldn’t get up. They called police and paramedics but the man refused help and went inside. About 2 hours later, neighbors heard an explosion and the man was dead.

Multiple law enforcement agencies responded including the FBI. Cops say they found two “crudely made” devices upon arrival, one on the man’s body and one lying next to him. The third was discovered inside the home and detonated by the bomb squad.

The house has tinfoil over the windows and the trees and grass are overgrown. Neighbors say the man kept to himself, but could be seen sitting out front of his house on the curb. Police say he was “confrontational” when they arrived the first time and dislikes the government and government agencies.

More than a dozen homes have been evacuated. Costa Mesa police say they want to keep neighbors out of the area until they complete their search of the man’s home.