Inside the Song – Randy Houser: “Like A Cowboy” | RedCowHills

Randy talks about the inspiration behind “Like A Cowboy,” a song he wrote with Brice Long. Preview and download his new album HOW COUNTRY FEELS on iTunes.

How Country Feels Track Listing:
Label: Stoney Creek Records
Producer: Derek George
1. “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight” (3:14) (Dallas Davidson, Kelly Lovelace, Ashley Gorley)
2. “Growin’ Younger” (4:53) (Randy Houser, Justin Weaver, Brett James)
3. “Top Of The World” (3:17) (Jason Sellers, Rob Hatch, Lance Miller, Vicky McGehee)
4. “The Singer” (4:20) (Trent Willmon, Drew Smith)
5. “Power Of A Song” (3:41) (Randy Houser, Kent Blazy, Cory Batten)
6. “Absolutely Nothing” (3:02) (Lee Brice, Joe Leathers, Vicky McGehee)
7. “Wherever Love Goes” (with Kristy Lee Cook) (4:16) (Neil Thrasher, Paul Jenkins, Jason Sellers)
8. “Like A Cowboy” (4:21) (Randy Houser, Brice Long)
9. “How Country Feels” (3:05) (Wendell Mobley, Neil Thrasher, Vicky McGehee)
10. “Along For The Ride” (3:34) (Randy Houser, Zac Brown, Levi Lowrey)
11. “Sunshine On the Line” (3:20) (Randy Houser, Dallas Davidson
12. “Goodnight Kiss” (3:27) (Randy Houser, Rob Hatch, Jason Sellers)
13. “Let’s Not Let It” (3:09) (Ash Bowers, Neil Thrasher, Lisa Hentrich)
14. “Shine” (4:56) (Neil Thrasher, Trent Summar, Wendell Mobley)
15. “Route 3 Box 250 D” (3:52) (Randy Houser, Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip