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Intoxicated Teen Killer’s Arrest Video Released
A judge in Australia has taken the unusual step of releasing shocking footage of the moment police captured a 17-year-old gunman.
A gun-wielding teenage boy who was high on a cocktail of drink and drugs when he shot an 18-year-old dead has been jailed for at least 24 years.

In a rare move at the sentencing hearing in Adelaide, Australia, the judge allowed Liam Humbles to be named, as well as allowing shocking video taken at the time of his arrest to be released.

The disturbing police video shows the shirtless Humbles face down on the bonnet of a police car, barely coherent as he answers questions from an officer.

A second video shows the teenager in a police interview room staring at the floor as a police officer reads to him the reasons for his arrest and the charges being put to him

Humbles had previously been found guilty of murdering Lewis McPherson, 18, and the attempted murder of Liam Trewartha and James Lamont.

The friends were walking to a party on December 31, 2012, when they came across Humbles, a 17-year-old acquaintance, who fired shots at them.

Humbles then fired a shot at a passing car.

As Justice Michael David sentenced Humbles there were gasps form the public gallery and friends and family of the dead teenager hugged each other.

Mr McPherson was about to start university and his father previously told the court of their last contact when he sent a text saying: “Hi mate, please stay safe tonight, love dad”.

At Humbles’ sentencing hearing, Mr Lamont stared at the killer in the dock, telling him he had no idea of the misery and grief he had caused.

“No one else in this room knows this besides you and me – Lewis never judged you for anything you did,” he said.

“He would often tell me you would some day be good to this earth.”

The judge said psychological reports had shown Humbles had expressed little remorse for his actions.

He added: “This was an appalling, wanton crime. Disastrous as it was, it could have been even worse and three, perhaps four people could have been killed that evening.”

Speaking outside court, the dead victim’s father Mark McPherson said: “I feel for her (the killer’s mother) but not for him … I will never forgive him.

“His lack of contrition is disturbing and hurtful … I just don’t know what goes on in his head.”

The court heard Humbles regularly used alcohol and cannabis and slept on various friends’ sofas after being kicked out of the family home 10 months before the shooting.