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Posted on 02. Jan, 2013 by

Eugene and his music will be featured on The Radio Cafe this summer as one of the best independent artist in the country. He has been honored to receive attention in Indie Rock Magazine, Music Connection, Austin Public Television, and a few other media outlets we won’t mention right now.

He’s played major shows including, SWSX in Austin, TX; many famous landmarks across the country, including The Roxy, and The House of Blues Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, CA. Eugene has opened up for major acts including, Big Bang, Gary P. Nunn,
Alan Haynes, Porter Davis, and more. He was offered a developmental deal by a major record label, but turned it down. He has been signed with 9 Lives Records, a small independent record ran out of Kentucky for four years now. He believes that major record labels usually end up causing more harm than good to the artist, and that all they want is the ability to take the money an artist can be making if they are genuinely talented.