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John Rich of Big Rich says a former attorney is stalking him -and causing him fear.
Rich called police to his home to report a stalker -a man who also shares a long history of bad blood with the country singer.
That man is Chris Sevier, a former Nashville attorney who sued Rich in 2008 for copyright infringement. The lawsuits and legal battles have continued through the years between the two men.
Sevier lost his law license two years ago due to a mental disability related to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from his time serving in Iraq. When he was still practicing, he opposed Rich by representing Jared Ashley, a man who accused Rich of attacking him in a bar.
It’s just one of the many legal battles between Sevier and Rich. Sevier believes there is a pattern, stating I blow the whistle against bullies and they push back, and they push back through any means they possibly can to hurt me in any way.
Police arrested Sevier for sending numerous emails to Rich despite two restraining orders against him. In one email, Sevier mentions Rich’s infant sons, which upset the singer. Sevier says he sent the emails to talk sense into Rich over their ongoing legal dispute, stating No reasonable person could find that an offer to settle a case is a threat in any way.
John Rich declined Fox 17 News’ request for an interview, but the police affidavit against Sevier says Rich also felt threatened by a photo similar to the one posted on the Fox 17 Facebook page -one which depicts Sevier draped in a flag and covered with fake blood.
Sevier can’t recall sending the photo and says they were actually publicity photos for his band. Sevier is eager for his day in court, saying There’s no way that anyone can see that as a form of stalking. He believes his arrest for the Aggravated Stalking of Rich is a frivolous claim stemming from their long legal battle.
Chris Sevier posted his $4,000 bond and will appear in court next month.

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