Johnny Cash Museum Opens For VIP Tours – Stacy McCloud | RedCowHills

NASHVILLE, Tenn – – Right in the heart of music city you will now find a
permanent home for all things – Johnny Cash. He would be pleased with
what they are doing in his name here says his brother Tommy, who adds
that it’s hard to not get emotional when he see’s pictures from so long
ago. It chokes me up. Especially seeing pictures of mama and daddy that
I’ve never seen before.Among the VIP’s getting a first look at
the museum, was former Vice President of the U.S. Al Gore. Cash and
Gore were close friends In fact, Cash campaigned for Gore when he ran
for President in 1988. Cash says he has seen a lot of museums but this
one is really first class. You can mark my words, this will became one
of the major tourist attractions for Nashville.Bill Miller was
one of cash’s best friends.He and his wife funded the museum and
provided much of the memorabilia. They say authenticity was key when
they put it together. Of course there are tons of items that
highlight Cash’s career. A wall of records, awards, hand written lyrics,
over 25 stage costumes, even a theater where you can watch his films.
But you also get a glimpse into Cash’s personal life, starting with his
humble beginnings picking cotton, his first toys, report cards and year
books. You will also see pictures and memorabilia from his days in the
air force and of course lots of items that represent his life at home
with his beloved wife June Carter Cash. Probably the most unique
items is a salvaged stone wall from their lake house, that burned to
the ground several years back. The artifacts themselves tell the story
which makes it unique says Bill Miller. Miller says whether you
walk in knowing a little or a lot about Johnny Cash, you will leave
with a new perspective of the man in black. He was humble but he would
be proud. The only regret I have is hat we can’t walk through it