Judge J Pirro Slams White House, Obama on bahaving like kids: ‘I didn’t know’ on Boston, Benghazi | RedCowHills

(FoxNews) When kids are caught doing something wrong, they usually claim ignorance. “I didn’t know,” they’ll plead. On ‘Justice,’ Judge Jeanine Pirro said that same excuse is flowing from Washington D.C. about the Boston Marathon bombings.
“If it weren’t so deadly serious, and the security of this nation weren’t on the line, it would be humorous,” she said in her Opening Statement.
Despite all the warnings, from Russia and even the CIA, the Tsarnaev brothers continued to live in the United States and were able to allegedly carry out an attack on Boston. “Something about this reminds me of Benghazi,” Pirro said. “When the Brits got out and the Red Cross got out. And our people begged for more security and we did nothing.”