Justin Bieber Unaired SNL Sketch ‘Song For Daddy’ | RedCowHills

Justin Bieber hosted “Saturday Night Live” back a few months back, but one sketch can only be seen now — and it’s a doozy.

“Song For Daddy,” which was taped for the show’s dress rehearsal but never made it to air, features noted Bieber skeptic Bill Hader as a country singer debuting an unusual new tune, with The Biebs playing Hader’s son and keyboardist.

But describing the setup doesn’t really do the sketch justice.

In the accompanying commentary, Hader calls the segment the “greatest trainwreck ever.”

Among other disasters: A wall tips over and nearly falls on Bieber, both he and Hader break character, there are lighting issues and wardrobe problems, and the audience reacts to none of the jokes.

It’s definitely worth sticking around for Hader and his co-writers’ post-mortem commentary.

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