Kelly Loses it, Shouting at Abortion Doctor’s Attorney “He Murdered Babies” | RedCowHills

(Fox News) In one of the most fiery interviews on Fox News Channel, Megyn Kelly took on the attorney for Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor convicted of murdering three babies and manslaughter of a woman. Gosnell was sentenced to more than three consecutive life sentences after performing hundreds of late-term abortions. On America Live, Jim McMahon continued to defend his client against the horrific details of his crimes.
Kelly started the interview saying, “We don’t tar the attorney with the sins of the client.”
McMahon said Gosnell was “disappointed and upset” over the verdict. By the end of the interview, she was clearly shocked by his remarks. She told him, “You sound like a guy suffering from Stockholm Syndrome because you seem to believe this is a swell man notwithstanding the fact that he murdered, murdered babies!”
McMahon described his client as a “dream client” and a “gentleman,” even adding, “I’m not going to sit there and tell you that things didn’t get a bit out of hand and things went a bit awry at that location.”
The location he’s referring to is the Philadelphia clinic where Gosnell aborted 30-week-old babies. It was described by investigators as a “filthy, decrepit, house of horrors.”
“A bit awry?” Kelly challenged, “I mean, Jack, the testimony was the babies were born alive, were wiggling on the operating tables, were crying and he stuck scissors in the back of their necks.”
McMahon admitted that maybe the clinic should’ve been checked. Kelly interjected, “That was definitely one of the problems, […] but you know what the number one problem was: Dr. Kermit Gosnell!”
He flat out disputed the jury’s findings that Gosnell is guilty of the gruesome details and called it all “not true.” The attorney even went on to say, “[Gosnell] had over 16,000 patients and almost all of them were referrals or repeat business. That tells you something right there.”
“It does, and it’s not good,” Kelly fired back. “The problem here, Jack, is he was running a late-term abortion clinic.”
“That’s not true,” McMahon answered. Kelly questioned how a baby is born alive if it wasn’t late-term abortion. That prompted the attorney to admit it happened “very rarely.” He said 45 out of the 47 fetuses were within the legal limit of 24 weeks.
Kelly asked why Gosnell kept the feet of some of those babies. McMahon said it was for purposes of DNA analysis as requested by the patients’ families. “He had 16,000 abortions and they found two or three feet, so don’t sit around and start talking like he’s collected body parts,” he chided Kelly.
“It’s strange how I would be moved by two or three babies’ feet being chopped off and kept as souvenirs,” Kelly responded, clearly disturbed at this point. “Why did he laugh about the baby that he was trying to abort, that he did abort that was big enough to walk to the bus station? Why was that so funny to him?”
McMahon again dismissed the witness testimony.
“Let me concede to you then, I will concede to you for the purposes of discussion that they were not squirming around on the table,” Kelly said slamming her hand down on the desk. “They were born alive, sir. They were born alive. […] Then he murdered them by sticking scissors in their necks! How do you come out and defend him now?!