Lee DeWyze “Stay Away” Live In-Studio | RedCowHills
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  • wycheb

    Stunningly beautiful song. Love this duet. Thanks for playing it.


    I LOVE this song, It is just so damn beautiful…Thank you.

  • gatorgirl5028

    One of my favorite songs from Lee’s new album “Frames”. He sounds great and I love seeing him & Katie Stevens together again.

  • Claire Merrick

    Thank you so much for the Lee DeWyze “Stay Away” video. Lee is the best and I really appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Haventsleptyet

    Love this song so much but really the whole Frames album is just one great song after another :) Definitely my favorite album this year!

  • Marni

    So incredible! Thank you so much for this video! The whole album “Frames” is amazing, but this song is definitely one of my top picks off the album!

  • Kathy aka chipkate

    This is such an incredible moving song that captivates me every time I hear it. Lee DeWyze is such a talented singer songwriter and I LOVE LOVE LOVE every single song on his new album FRAMES. Each song is a lyrical masterpiece that exudes brilliance! Thank you for posting “Stay Away” for the world to enjoy as much as I do…

  • LeeDeWyzeGals

    Lee has an incredible voice, love this song! one of my favorite videos!

  • Sarah Kendall

    Thank you so much for this incredible video of Stay Away! I love this song! Lee has such an amazing voice which captivates me every time! His voice, his music, his lyrics, draw me in. I feel the emotion and heart that has gone into each and every song Lee has written, produced, and recorded. He writes from his heart and that heart is what makes him my favorite artist. Frames is brilliant! Lee DeWyze is brilliant!

  • Uniqueme114

    I absolutely love this video of “Stay Away”! Lee and Katie sound amazing together! This was the perfect song for them. Just really, really showcases their voices and talent! Love it!

  • ladymctech

    Simply beautiful! I’ll never get tired of this song or any others on Frames.

  • Elena@RedCowHills

    It’s really getting hard to pick a favorite with him. :)