MAKE SURE HE SAYS YES “Shotgun Wedding” | RedCowHills

Wanna make sure your man says “I Do”? Great! We have the ability to make your dreams come true. Just drag his lame hillbilly butt down to the wild west at the Pioneer Saloon and we will take care of the rest. Oh ya, and that weird dude thats too old and way too creepy, that has been stalking you, well we have the means to make him go away. Have your dream redneck wedding here at the 100 year old Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings Nevada. Call today (702) 874-9362. We also offer limo transportation to and from the Las Vegas Strip, flowers, food, drink (spirited and non spirited), Dj or live entertainment, photography, video coverage and a wedding cake. Make sure and check out the other Pioneer Saloon Shotgun Wedding photos and videos here at and at or