44-year-old Jason L. Puckett of Blackwelder Road spent most of the Thanksgiving weekend in the Volusia County Jail following his arrest Friday afternoon at the Walmart on 1699 North Woodland Boulevard in DeLand.

As of Monday afternoon, Puckett remains in VCJ custody on a $2,500 bond for petit theft.

The DeLand Police Department says it all started around 2pm Friday when a Walmart loss prevention associate says he spotted Puckett taking 2 beef tongues from a cooler and placing them in his pants via the waistband.

That associate told DeLand PD he stopped Puckett near the exit after he walked right past the checkout line without attempting to pay for the beef tongues, which weighed a total of 6.5 pounds.

According to the incident report, Puckett denied stealing the beef tongues when confronted by the associate and refused to go to the Walmart’s office when asked to by the associate.

The associate claims Puckett told him he had left the beef tongues on a shelf and offered to take him to where he had left it, but it was on the way there when the associate said he spotted Puckett removing the beef tongues from his pants.

At that point, per the incident report, Puckett took off running out of the store heading south towards Parade Circle as the associate took the beef tongues and told another associate to call the police.

Once DeLand PD got on scene, officers say they found Puckett at a neighboring business and took him into custody without incident after the Walmart associate – who had followed Puckett on foot – identified him as the thief.

The beef tongues were valued at $35.35 and Puckett was trespassed from the store as well as arrested and taken to VCJ.

VCJ records show Puckett’s been booked there 11 other times since January 2007, including most recently in May of 2012 for threatening a public official, using personal identification to misrepresent, burglary and 3 counts of battery.