Meet Thelma & Louise: The Two-Headed Turtle Born In Texas Zoo | RedCowHills
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Seeing double! Two-headed turtle named Thelma and Louise hatches at Texas zoo.The San Antonio Zoo in Texas has welcomed a bizarre new addition – a two-headed turtle named Thelma and Louise.
The female Texas cooter was born with four others on June 18 and is now on display at the zoo’s Friedrich Aquarium – swimming and walking as normally as her one-headed brothers and sisters.
Zoo spokeswoman Debbie Rios-Vanskike said that the turtle appears healthy and that staff do not predict her condition will cause any future health problems.The two-headed critter was named Thelma and Louise after the female duo in the 1991 Oscar-winning road movie of the same name.
Craig Pelke, the curator of reptiles, amphibians and aquatics at the zoo, said that seeing bicephalic animals is uncommon, but it is not unheard of in the wild or in captivity.