• Erika Wigstrom, 20, told police she injected hand sanitizer into her 17-month-old son’s feeding tube ‘to end his suffering’
  • Wigstrom’s son Lucas Ruiz suffered from Down’s syndrome and a heart defect that required many hospital visits
  • In October 2012, Lucas suffered seizures and brain damage after rum was injected into his feeding tube
  • The baby’s father Cesar Ruiz was charged with the crime after Wigstrom reported the liquor was missing from their freezer
  • Wigstrom confessed Tuesday that she killed the baby and that she was the one who injected it with rum in 2012

Confessed: Erika Wigstrom, 20, told police Tuesday that she killed her 17-onth-old son who suffered from Down's syndrome and heart defects by injecting his feeding tube with Germ-X brand hand sanitizer

A 20-year-old Lousiana mother confessed to police Tuesday to killing her ill 17-month-old son by injecting his feeding tube with Germ-X brand hand sanitizer.

Erika Wigstrom told police she did it to ‘end his suffering,’ after the boy was born with Down’s syndrome and a serious heart defect.

The boy’s father Cesar Ruiz, 20, is already behind bars after a similar attempt to kill the baby in October 2012 in which rum was injected into his feeding tube, causing him seizures and brain damage.

In her interview with police March 11, Wigstrom revealed it was actually she who was behind the first attempt at killing little Lucas Ruiz and she’d used perfume, not rum.

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