Naked_Fisherman was Rescued from Shark-infested Ocean | RedCowHills

A TV news helicopter aided in the rescue of a naked fisherman surrounded by hammerhead sharks when his boat capsized – after being sent to cover the story.

One hammerhead was circling him and was within 20 metres of the man – who was believed to have been in the water for 24 hours.

Grant Taylor, a reporter for Australia’s Channel Seven, said he spotted other sharks moving in after flying to cover the story of three missing fishermen off the coast of Leeman – 200 miles north of Perth.

Looking out from his helicopter, he saw the naked man was treading water as a ‘massive’ hammerhead shark circled him.

The man was struggling to swim, said Mr Taylor, and was alternating between treading water and floating on his back.

It is believed the fisherman had been in the water for at least 24 hours after the small boat he and two friends were in had capsized.

The naked man was finally rescued as the sharks moved in on him. Another of the fishermen was pulled from the water but died in hospital.

It is believed two of the men are brothers in their early 20’s and the third is their uncle, aged 49.

Channel Seven cameraman David Cooper later sent out a message on social media saying he had ‘never experienced anything like that rescue in my life.’

He added: ‘Had both near tears and goosebumps.’

The third fisherman was still missing.