Ohio School Shooter TJ Lane Gives Victims’ Families the Finger Wheres Killer Shirt | RedCowHills

Ohio school shooter TJ Lane arrived at his sentencing hearing today wearing a blue button down shirt. After he sat down, he unbuttoned the shirt to reveal a white t-shirt with the word “killer” emblazoned across the front in black marker.

When Lane was given the opportunity to make a statement to the court, he made a short statement and then stuck his middle finger up in the courtroom filled with the loved ones of the three students he gunned down.

Lane, 18, smirked and smiled as family members of his victims called him “repulsive” and hoped for him to be locked up in a cage “like an animal” for the rest of his life.

“Frankly, I wasn’t prepared for this,” the prosecutor said moments after Lane’s gesture. He said the action was proof that Lane is a “disgusting human being.”