O’Reilly Interviews Duck Dynasty CEO Willie Robertson ‘They Epitomize The American Spirit’ | RedCowHills
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5/13/13 – Monday night on the Factor, Bill O’Reilly set out to figure out how a show called Duck Dynasty gets better ratings than he does. “Only in America could this happen,” O’Reilly said of the “mania” surrounding the show, before bringing on Duck Commander CEO, and star of the reality juggernaut, Willie Robertson. “I really think it’s the family values,” Robertson told O’Reilly. “It’s something positive. Kids can sit and watch, grandparents. There is not a lot of filth on it.” About the unconventional, bearded style that seemed to have O’Reilly on edge, Robertson said he pulls his inspiration from his “anti-establishment” father who “came through the 60′s.”