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After three hours stranded on two different planes, passengers on board a beleaguered Allegiant Air flight could have been forgiven for grumbling – but instead some chose to lose themselves in song.

The flight was grounded on the runway in Las Vegas on Sunday for a total of four hours. Several travelers reported that a woman passed out in the aisle while two others had medical problems.

Despite the uncomfortable conditions, passengers tried to keep spirits up – with one man blasting R Kelly’s song I Believe I Can Fly from a portable music player while others laughed, sang along and waved their hands in the air.

The irony of the track, which opens with the lyrics – ‘I used to think that I could not go on;
And life was nothing but an awful song’ – was not lost on weary passengers many of whom burst into fits of giggles and filmed the moment on their phones.

However it was not all light-hearted singalongs. Passenger Francine Gutierrez told Fox: ‘One of the passengers started getting a bloody nose from the heat so she rushed to the bathroom. Followed by her was another passenger that was starting to vomit.

‘A third passenger passed out in the middle of the aisle. Everyone was kind of frantic.’

The Las Vegas to Phoenix flight was scheduled to leave at 11am on Sunday with 121 passengers on board.

The MD-80 plane had a technical issue followed by a passenger with a medical issue, causing the plane to be grounded for 80 minutes according to an Allegiance spokesman.

Communications director Bryan Davis told MailOnline on Monday that the AC on the aircraft is connected to the engines making it extremely difficult to cool the plane while temperatures soared to 110F on the tarmac.

However he did say that airline crew had passed out water to passengers.

After spending an hour in the airport terminal, passengers were put on a second plane which was further delayed by technical issues.

Mr Davis said that passengers had received complimentary drinks on the plane and a $100 credit for future travel.

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