Steven “Cracker” Lenz, personality, event host

A true country boy and a product of his raising. Steve aka “Cracker” was brought up in the country as a kid he spent most days barefoot wondering the woods with his younger brother hunting squirrels and rabbits. Cracker had his own horse and was riding before most kids learn to ride a bike. As a teenager it was lifted trucks bonfires and summer nights. Cracker also took a few stabs at rodeo, but while bull riding and roping he soon realized he was more interested in girls so he starting singing in a small town band that never amounted to much more than tailgate concerts but it did its job. Nowadays Cracker resides  in South Florida but you can catch him anywhere from the backwoods of Illinois on a snowmobile  to the the deep South of Florida swamp riding airboats. like most Floridians Cracker is an avid Angler spending most free weekends chasing the big ones. He’s been also known to tango with the gators from time to time too. Cracker can be found doing what every country boy wishes he had time to do.
So ladies keep a look out you may just catch him at the next event!!


Brittany Johnson, event host, RCH Dime

Brittany was raised in a small town just south of the Georgia line. With her strong Southern accent it’s not hard to tell she was raised on a farm. She has always had a love of country music. Her grandparents started her out young from George Jones to George Strait. When Brittany is not out modeling you can find her on the beach fishing or in the tree stand waiting to shoot a trophy buck.  She loves to ride dirt roads and listen to some good country music. Summer, Spring, Winter, or Fall, she loves to wear her cowgirl boots with everything.  All in all, she’s a well mannered Southern Belle who loves her family.

Stefanie Sacks, Marketing & Publicity

Stefanie was born and raised in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale to be exact. She is an avid country music lover and a huge  Braves and Dolphins fan .Stefanie recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management at Broward College and a AA in Public Relations.

niki tilley of redcowhills

Niki Tilley, Host

Niki Tilley and I am a 19 year old country girl from North Carolina! I have been living on a farm my whole life. I have worked with cattle, horses, chickens, dogs, sheep, you name it! My life long dream was to barrel race, and I was blessed with a great horse and I am now able to live out my dream. I drive a jacked up Chevrolet and I love country music. Give me a field and a bonfire and I will be just fine!


kaitlayn hemphill of redcowhills

Kaitlyn Hemphill, Promotions

Kaitlyn hales from Jupiter, Florida. She’s a country girl who enjoys getting dirty and  building mud trucks whenever she isn’t busy showing the boys how to do it working the family construction business. In her off time when she isn’t working hard she also enjoys being outdoors; she free dives and spearfishing.

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