Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer wins nationals with flying squirrel Kicking A$$ | RedCowHills

High school wrestler Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer is wowing the Web this week after he clinched a national championship title over the weekend with a daring move that stunned both his opponent and the spectators gathered.

According to Buffalo News, Rodriguez-Spencer had been falling behind his opponentin the Junior 138-pound Class finals at the National High School Coaches Association wrestling championships when he decided to pull out all the stops.

With only 10 seconds to go in the final period, the Cheektowaga High School student flew into the air, somersaulting over his opponent before pulling him to the mat — a tricky move known in the wrestling world as the “flying squirrel.” (Watch the amazing takedown above.)

Rodriguez’s daring tactical gamble earned him the win and the Most Outstanding Wrestler award — not to mention the admiration of grapplers everywhere,” wrote sports blogger Tony Mangia.

Rodriguez-Spencer, who has been singled out before for his athletic potential, ultimately defeated his opponent, Alfred Bannister, 4-3.

In 2011, then-college student Ellis Coleman became a viral sensation after he pulled off a successful “flying squirrel” takedown at the Junior World Championships.

“You get a lot of points for it. The least I can get is three points which is the second highest amount but it is a risky move,” Coleman told the Telegraph at the time.

“When I first did it, I was losing and it was just something that came into my mind. The reaction has been crazy ever since, with kids coming up to me and contacting me on Facebook. They all want to talk about the flying squirrel,” he continued.

We sure hope Rodriguez-Spencer is ready for some (well-deserved) fan adoration.

Watch the full match between Rodriguez-Spencer and Bannister here (skip to 9:50 for the “flying squirrel” takedown):