ROAD RAGE Attack: Biker Slashes Driver’s Throat In Oklahoma | RedCowHills
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(Kfor) WARR ACRES, Okla. — A trip to the grocery store took a violent detour Friday morning for George and Amy Pierson.
George’s neck was slashed from his ear to Adam’s apple after a confrontation with an angry biker.
Amy Pierson said, “No horn honking. No flipping off, the normal road rage things I thought. The next thing I know he was bleeding.”
As Amy went into the Buy-4-Less to pick up a prescription, George was berated by a man, claiming he’d been cut off at 36th and MacArthur.
George said, “I tried to calm him down, ‘Really? Are you seriously mad about that?’ That was nothing. I know cut offs. It wasn’t a dangerous cut off.”
After several minutes of cursing, George climbed out of his car.
That’s when the belligerent biker whipped out a switch blade.
“I didn’t throw any punches and he didn’t look like he wanted to fight,” Pierson said. “He took that thing out. I was looking down the whole time. He did a right hook and snatched me a little bit.”
The assailant, and a blonde woman riding with him, sped away.
EMSA medics quickly raced Pierson to the ER.
Medic Craig Bartley told us, “The best thing to do when you come across an aggressive driver, don’t stop and argue. Call 911. Call police and go to a safe place where you can get help.”
It was a life-threatening lesson learned for George Pierson.
“I could have stayed in the car but you never think somebody is going to slash your throat,” he said.