Sarah Palin CPAC 2013 Speech: Message to Obama ‘Step Away From the Teleprompter and Do Your Job’ | RedCowHills

  • KenStarr

    …completely forgetting the Teleprompter right in front of her…

  • labman57

    More petty snarkisms from the Whining Wannabe from Wasilla.

    Sarah apparently thought it was “open mic” night at the local backwater comedy club, as she cannot help but substitute insightful, substantive commentary with lame insults and banal banter.

    Sarah loves to cite the overused snipe about “teleprompters” when insulting the POTUS, mainly because she misinterpreted her handlers’ recommendation to utilize “digital media” during her stump speeches … and therefore used a Sharpie to write crib notes on the palm of her hand.