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It was meant to say thanks to those who sit in the classroom with the youngest minds.

Instead, a group of parents are getting a lesson when it comes to how they chose to celebrate their teachers.

There are more than 500 kids at Sunnycrest Elementary School in the Federal Way School District; many of them come from minority backgrounds, but all of them are getting a lesson in diversity.

The parent-teacher association wasn’t kidding when it put out an email Monday night outlining the plan for teacher appreciation week. Themes range from “Muffin Top Monday,” serving muffins and pastries to staff, to “Tempt Me Tuesday,” with free massages. But the biggest concern seems to be over “White Trash Wednesday,” where staff would have barbecue served to them on trash can lids.

Rudy Baca, Sunnycrest Elementary principal, said the first complaint came late Monday. By Tuesday, he canceled the event.

“Obviously there’s some concern with that term, yes,” he said. “It was just unfortunate because I really value the relationship I have with our PTA.”

Mark Miller is set to send his oldest kid to the school next year and wonders who came up with the idea.

“I don’t condone that type of talk in my house, so I certainly wouldn’t want to see it at school,” he said.

After the events were canceled, the PTA president sent this email to parents, saying the Talking Trash theme was meant to be about recycling and that if it was offensive to anyone that was never their intent. The school’s principal vows to take a different approach to this issue next year.

That PTA email also sought to clarify why Wednesday’s barbecue was going to be served on trash can lids.

It said it’s a common practice at some barbecue restaurants.

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