Scotty McCreery – #SeeYouTonight (Live HD) | RedCowHills

Scotty McCreery – Gotta See You Tonight (Live HD) at Grand Ole Opry Showcase at CRS 2013 Nashville, TN

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  • eleanor_V1

    Thank you so much for posting this video Love this song & Scotty McCreery cant wait for his new album

    • Roseann Schrichte

      I TOTALLY AGREE! Love Scottys’ beautiful voice!

  • shibuya777

    Thanks for the video! Love Love Love Scotty McCreery!! I can’t wait til his Sophmore album comes out!

  • Gail Drayton

    Thank you for the special treat of seeing Scotty’s video of ‘Gotta See you Tonight.’ You folks are wonderful!

  • Chrissie H

    Thanks a bunch for posting this. Absolutely love Scotty´s voice and this song

  • Grams

    What a voice! And an amazing performer. Looking forward to many years of wonderful music.


    Thank you so much . Scotty is absolutely the best.

  • Linda Wallace

    Thank you— so many people can relate to this song, thank you for posting. Scotty has a wonderful voice and surely is a crowd pleaser. I hope Red Cowhills continues to showcase his talent. Because we sure are watching and are very thankful.

  • Iyay

    I’m a big Scotty fan from Australia

  • Darlene Adams

    Great video – thanks!! I love every one of Scotty’s songs. He has the best voice ever and he is absolutely the greatest!! I love this guy – my favorite artist FOREVER.

  • Matrish

    He just keeps getting better and better. Wow, that voice!

  • GrandmaDot

    Wow! Thank you so much for the opportunity to see and hear such a clear video of Scotty singing “See you Tonight”. He delivers the lyrics with a sensual longing in his voice, telling us how it feels to be in love. This song appeals to the young girls who wish they had someone “comin’ over”, to current couples who “listen for their loved one to “pull into the drive”, and to the older ones who fondly remember “being held so tight under that porch light”. Scotty has a winner here! The beat is catchy and the song just stays in your head – wanting you to hear it over and over again. Thank you Scotty for bringing us this very special song – so proud to be a McCreerian!

    • Jane Cash

      Aren’t we all proud to be a McCreerian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Earlene Peshnak

    love this song and the fact he wrote it makes that much better,it well be a hit ,love Scotty

  • Mary Hayden

    SO good – thanks for such a great video – love his voice

  • Shauna

    Scotty’s voice is so beautiful. Thank you for posting.

  • Craig Bennett

    I love this song Scotty. You are better live than just about every country artist I’ve ever heard.

  • mmmtx

    Everybody has already said it all, so I’ll just say WOW LOVE THAT VOICE!! And THANK YOU for posting this for us to hear.

  • Missy173001

    Thanks for posting such a wonder video of Scotty singing Gotta See You Tonight. I love his voice and this song. He just keeps getting better and better. I was already in love with his voice. I cannot wait to hear him in Kansas CIty live. He is one of the few artist that sounds just as good live as a recording!


    love love this song can not wait until his new album is out.what a wonderful person this young man is.I just love him.

  • tabbie12

    I just love this new song by Scotty. Thanks for sharing the video I just cant stop watching it.

  • ⋆Marie Theresse⋆ッ

    Great voice am a fan..Never heard a voice as good as @ScottyMcCreery We Love him here in the Philippines.

  • Belen De Ramos

    Love You, Red Cow Hills, for supporting Scotty! Impatiently waiting for this song of his to be released as a single. So, pardon me if I have this video, that you have taken, on repeat.

  • vlmack

    This song really hooks you. I listened to it last night and it was in my head when I woke up this morning! Love it! Love Scotty!

  • Al

    thank you for posting!Scotty sounds amazing as always

  • kyfan4scotty

    Thanks so much for this great video of Scotty singing his new song See You Tonight. Love the song sure to be a hit.I Have seen Scotty in concert 4 times. And his voice live is outstanding. Best country artist out there!!Can’t wait till second album hits the stores. Sure its going platinum also. Very proud of this young man working so hard on music and going to college at same time. He’s such an outstanding role model to everyone.And he’s very real and down to earth when you are talking with him. Love him and his whole family Very Proud McCreerian!

  • Diana Manton

    Luv ths Kid just so Good all the time Thanks for sharing